Model the environment

Masses of data but lacking in concrete results? Get more value from expensive site measurements...

Our state of the art approach characterises
turbulence and manages noise to create a complete Virtual Environment customised to your site.

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Simulate with ease

Spending more than £20,000/year on simulation software and engineering time? Sounds familiar...

Our turbine analyses are run as a fixed cost service. No I.T. hassle, no huge overheads, expertise on tap.
We guarantee results are best-in-class.

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We're proud to have been supported by...

Consolidated data

Integrate environmental data from different instruments, locations and times, into a single site characterisation.

Advanced simulation

Right from the start, we built our tools to manage the chaotic environment, predict site-specific loadings and performance.

Guaranteed results

We guarantee that all simulations are run according to best practices.
Every single time.
Or your money back.