Data Analysis and Management Services

Easily handle the firehose of environmental and operational data, creating deep insight into complex issues like turbulence and device interaction.

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Talking about turbulence...

Turbulence can be critical to turbine loadings and yield, affecting almost every step in the engineering process. See how it affects you using our selector tool.

We use proprietary analysis methods, rooted in chaos theory, to provide deep insight into turbulent behaviour and atmospheric stability.

Often, costly datasets like LiDAR and ADCP measurements are under-utilised in investigating these phenomena: avoid losing value by extracting a full view of the flow at a specific site.

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Zero-hassle data analysis

Instrument datasets can be difficult to manage and analyse. Even with the best instruments, real world conditions result in noise, band limitations and sensor motion that all need to be accounted for.

Our automated toolset robustly handles and combines datasets from many sources - like LiDAR, Acoustic Doppler, Met-Mast and even turbine sensors.

Upload raw data, download quality assured results.

It's that simple.

Decision making made clearer

Frequently, more analyses make decision making more complicated, instead of easier!

Not any more.

We strive to provide results that clarify, not confuse. Our detailed reporting process translates scientific conclusions into practical guidance for decision making. This saves you time and money by providing results optimised and formatted ready for the next steps.

Get some clarity.
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Simulation as a Service

Our 'TurbineGRID' physics engine realistically integrates atmospheric and wake turbulence, providing access to detailed, site specific, performance analysis.

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World class physics engine

Using our capability in environmental data analysis, we simulate turbine behaviour in turbulent flows to provide deep insight into turbulent behaviour and atmospheric stability.

Unsteady structural loading, wake meandering / mixing, and turbine interactions are all incorporated for a whole spectrum of standard and site-specific environmental conditions.

From a basic array description we deliver detailed automated reporting, quality control metrics and detailed raw loadings data for assessment of turbine / whole array performance.

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Why Simulation Services?

TurbineGRID allows you to capture all the complexity of site specific, highly turbulent environments...
    ...but without any of the hassle, allowing you to focus on what's important: your project.

  • Cost effective and charged by the load case as you go along (no large software overheads).
  • Administration and massively parallel computing is handled seamlessly by us.
  • Expert setup and parameter selection gives consistently rigorous analyses.
  • A high level of automation ensures reproducibility of results.
  • Review, diagnostics and quality control applied for each and every case.
  • Consistent and automated reporting helps you access the heart of the data.
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